First real tomato harvest of winter

It’s November 14th, here’s an update on our winter greenhouse. First of all, look at these fabulous tomatoes I just picked this morning. We ate one for lunch and it was delicious, completely and totally amazing. I think I’ve decided that even if all we get from this greenhouse in the winter time are tomatoes and some greens I will be happy these are so good it makes all of the effort worth it.

However there have already been some issues. First, I was having trouble with powdery mildew. I tried a variety of things that didn’t work. But, it appears that the last spraying that I did which was a combination of neem oil, natural biodegradable dish soap, and baking soda may have worked. It seems that most of the foliage that was affected has died off and I cut most of it out, there is a tiny bit still present that I am going to spray again but I have to wait until next week because because according to The Greener Gardener you do this once a week.

I also found aphids on my eggplant and so I ended up having to remove that from the greenhouse and we had a frost which killed it so I lost the eggplant. I also just found some aphids on my pepper plant, but instead of ripping it out, I’m going to try what I used this past summer which is to sprinkle it heavy with flour supposedly that suffocates them. It did work this past summer when I used it so I’m going to try it again. I will post again once I’m able to determine whether they are gone.

Other than that it seems that things are doing okay I repotted my avocado tree it is doing very well and my Meyer lemon is producing three lemons one of which is starting to turn yellow very slowly.

very excited to see how the rest of the winter goes we are really in the early stages so who knows. I will keep you posted on our progress.

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