Fish Tacos


Fish Tacos

These are so easy they have become a staple in our home

**Adjust seasoning to meet the amount of fish you use

3-5 pieces of firm codfish fillets or salmon (cut into bite-size cubes)

Mix together the spices below and coat the fish with the mixture on both sides then set aside
1 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp chipotle powder
1 1/2 tsp. Frontier brand Adobo seasoning

A little sea salt and pepper

Prepare: and set aside in a bowl
1 large chopped sweet onion
2 red peppers julienned (sliced into thin slices)
Sliced seeded jalapenos if you want it hot

Fresh Cilantro 2 Tb avocado oil for skillet

Heat a large skillet, add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Add the fish cover and steam until done. It doesn’t take long you can tell because it will firm up and feel firm to the touch. Remove fish and set aside in a clean bowl, coat the hot skillet with the oil, then add vegetables, sauté just till tender not limp. Add the fish and gently toss to coat everything with the spices from the fish. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Serve this mixture in organic romaine lettuce leaves with chopped scallions, salsa, crumbled queso cheese or if you prefer, shredded cheddar or hot pepper cheese, and guacamole. This serves around 4 people. I served it with Mexican rice and pinto beans it was great!

An alternative to using the lettuce could be to serve this over a baked sweet potato or quinoa maybe even over cooked greens like collards or kale.

However, you serve it make sure to


Photo by Claire Ward on Unsplash

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