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Jeff’s Birthday Shortcake

Try this sugar-free shortbread the next time you want something delicious but not sinful. Biscuit 2 cups spelt flour  1 tap baking soda, 1 tap salt, baking powder 1/3 cup non chemical sugar-free substitute like erythratol, or Stevie baking blend... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Falls in Summer

Hiking is one of Oregonians many pleasure pastimes. It seems that we can never get enough hiking in before the winter weather comes in to shower us with all the fabulous rain that we get from October to June. But... Continue Reading →

Flourless Banana Power Cakes

My daughter sells this wonderful protein powder by Arbone and she's always looking for ways to cook with it. She created these delicious power pancakes. They're great for breakfast, snacks and kids love them. They're also a great high fiber,... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Avocado Pancakes Recipe | Yummly

Check out this healthy take on pancakes. I love this sort of thing for snacks too. And don't forget to make up a big batch and freeze them. Layer them with waxed paper for easy removal. And don't be afraid... Continue Reading →

Avocado Tofu Power Bowl Recipe | Yummly

Here's a link to a delicious idea for your upcoming summer menus.  Also check out for more delicious ideas.

What do you do with mushy Quinoa?

Usually when you cook quinoa right it comes out nice and fluffy and thats a beautiful thing. But on occasion you may, like me, over cook your quinoa and end up with wet or mushy quinoa. In this case it... Continue Reading →

Cloth Produce Bags

I just bought some hemp cloth produce bags at my grocery store and boy am I happy I did. Especially in winter, I have trouble keeping my fresh organic produce crisp and fresh for any length of time. So I... Continue Reading →

Raw Carrot Cake Bars

I was looking for a good high protein, high fiber bar to help me get through the afternoon at school. Everything I found was high sugar and expensive, so I created these bars which have no added sugar and cost... Continue Reading →

Snack Night

Sometimes you just don't feel like making dinner and you want something tasty but quick. Those are the nights that my husband and I call snack night instead of making dinner like we normally do, I throw together some tidbits... Continue Reading →

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