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Snack Night

Sometimes you just don't feel like making dinner and you want something tasty but quick. Those are the nights that my husband and I call snack night instead of making dinner like we normally do, I throw together some tidbits... Continue Reading →

Now that you know what’s in your Cosmetics maybe you’ll be interested in some of the lines that I like. These are just suggestions in case you’re interested in natural cosmetics. My favorite is Arbonne I’ve been using it for about four and a half years and I absolutely love it it makes my skin better than it’s ever been and all of the makeup is beautiful and the Skin Care is amazing. It is vegan and a 100% clean. There are other brands that you can find at your health food stores but you must double check for parabens I noticed that many so-called natural lines still contain parabens. These are endocrine disruptors and you don’t want to use anything with parabens.

How do you get your Winter Tomato on?

It's about this time when I really start missing good vegetables from the garden especially tomatoes. So in the winter time I try to find ways to get that same flavor and deliciousness by being creative with tomato dishes and... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Produce Guide

It has been the coldest winter that I have experienced since moving to Oregon and I am over it already. I mean really I didn't move here from NY to experience cold winters. 😦 Ok, venting over, let's move on.... Continue Reading →

Huevos con Chorizo y Pasilla Pepper Sauce (Eggs with chorizo and pasilla pepper sauce)

Jeff and I love Mexican food but not just tacos and burritos. Although we do like tacos and burritos we prefer authentic food's like you would find in a typical Mexican family home. Recently, we were watching one of our favorite... Continue Reading →

Cajun Seafood Chowder

Being raised near the ocean means that I crave seafood almost all the time. Living in Eugene we get access to fresh seafood fairly regularly. Recently I read an article about shrimp which said that soon there will be no... Continue Reading →

My eBook “Healthy Cooking for a Happy Life”

I just published my first eBook on It will be available to purchase Jan 16, 2017. Be a sweetheart and check it out. You can sample it or buy it here: Healthy Cooking for a Happy Life. I have spent... Continue Reading →

Beef Bourguignon (Julia Childs)

I am a huge fan of Julia Childs, have been since I was a teenager. I remember watching her show on PBS from the time I was 12. I always wanted to be like her but alas it wasn't in... Continue Reading →

Christmas Goodies

One of my favorite memories from childhood is all of the goodies that were around during Christmas time. When visiting my father’s family, who were from Illinois, we enjoyed magic cookie bars, german chocolate cake, and my Aunt Leones red... Continue Reading →

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