Sweet potato salad with caramelized onions cherries and goat cheese

This turned out amazingly delicious. I started with sweet potatoes that I had sliced thickly and roasted in the oven but they didn’t turn out so great the sweet potatoes were a little bit old and I wasn’t thrilled with the flavor. So, if you remember what my motto is… if it doesn’t work the first time try it again in a different way which is what I did.

And what happened turned out fantastic.

You’ll need to peel and roast a couple of sweet potatoes don’t use canned they’re mushy and sugary they’re just gross so either bake or roast some sweet potatoes. If you bake them leave the skins on of course. Cut these up into wedges if you haven’t done so already for roasting and place into the refrigerator

While the potatoes are roasting slice a medium sweet onion into quarters, slice these and add to a hot skillet to which you have added 1 Tb. of avocado oil and 1 Tb of butter. Saute them on medium-low until they are golden and carmalized, stirring them occasionally. Add more butter if they start to dry out.

You’ll need 1/2 -1 cup of dried cherries, I used the tart ones. They need to be reconstituted in hot water. It’s 2 to 1 so two times the water to one portion of cherries. Pour the hot water or boiling water over the cherries and let them sit for 15 minutes, drain them and set aside.

I also added toasted pecans. I put them in the toaster oven for a few minutes until they were toasted but not burnt. Be careful they can over bake quickly. Let them cool before giving them a rough chop.

Putting it all together…This is so simple you won’t believe it! All you do is drizzle the sweet potatoes with a balsamic reduction, you can find these in almost every grocery store or specialty store. Get a good one like a fig or a molasses not a citrus one it won’t work with this dish.

Next, you add the cherries and pecans, toss it all carefully then crumble goat cheese on top and chill before serving.

So easy and simple.

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