Shrimp Scampi

Serve this scampi over vegetable pasta for a healthy touch.

Making scampi is pretty simple, this dish is really too simple to give you actual amounts for ingredients. Basically you need to learn to wing it a little, use the ingredients you have on hand. That means you can change it up however you want and use whatever vegetables you have that will taste good with seafood and shrimp

For this I cut up sweet red peppers, fresh yellow zucchini squash from the garden, and scallions. I sauteed all of that in butter and olive oil, added salt and pepper, plenty of garlic and then tossed in my shrimp at the last minute with a splash of lemon juice from about half a lemon and then this time I added a little bit of soy milk but you can add whatever kind of milk product you use (make sure it doesn’t have any sugar in it you don’t want that strange sweet taste). You want just enough to make it creamy.

Finish it all off with a grating of parmesan cheese if you eat dairy or you could use a light sprinkling of nutritional yeast (I wouldn’t go overboard because it might overpower it) and a few chives or additional chopped scallions. Serve over pasta, I like the veggie pasta because it’s better for us we actually get two servings of vegetables in each bowl of pasta that we eat which makes it much better and the carbs are healthier carbs.


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  1. This looks really good.

    Thanks and yes it is very good 😊


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