Well I am here and I can tell you there is a good reason that they call this the dreaded time in a woman’s life. Each day is a new experience sometimes good and sometimes its an exercise patience like you’ve never seen before. I love my husband more now than I have ever loved him and its mostly because he’s adorably cute but really its because he hangs in there with me each and every day. Sometimes I wonder what keeps him here. Its certainly not my incredible charm 🙂  Cause thats gone bye bye………..
I would love to hear from any of you ladies out there in woman-hood land about your experiences and how you are coping. I have found some help through the use of Adrenal Support. Its not the ordinary remedy that we hear about but its working for me and I want you to at least know about it.

So our ovaries secreat less hormones as we get older we all know that. But what most of us do not know is that during this time our adrenal glands become overtaxed; this is because they are compensating for the loss of estrogen and progesterone. So by supporting our adrenals we put less stress on them and they can do a better job at what they normally do. This results in reduced stress, less hot flashes and reduced fatigue with increased endurance.

I have been using them for quite a few months now and took one month off. That was a mistake, everything came back. I went back on them and wow I couldn’t believe the difference. So if you are curious go into your local health food store or vitamin shop where they are educated and ask them about an adrenal support. The one I use is by Emerald Laboratories its an enzymated food based brand that is assimilated by the body much more effectively.
Let me know if you try this method and have success like I have.

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