If you love to cook really good food but can’t run to the store every time you want to make something then this might be the place for you. I believe that every kitchen should have a pantry stocked with the basics so that you can be prepared to make dinner or whatever else you might get in the mood to prepare.

This is a place where I plan to share fabulous recipes; much of the knowledge I have acquired throughout my life along with my life experiences. I have been cooking since I was 10. For many years I have been studying and learning about food, nutrition and cooking. It is this knowledge that I want to pass on to you here.

As I transition into this new phase of life; grandmother and Elder Woman moving into retirement age I am finding the true me connecting with who I have been all along but never fully understood. Born in Florida, I have lived all over the Eastern US and now in the Pacific North West. I am your not so typical crazy, menopausal nana who is madly in love with bargain hunting, my husband, my grand babies, cooking, baking and gardening. I tag myself as “hippie-gypsy” and am a true Cancer through and through. I wear many different professional hats as a Chef, Cooking Instructor, and Nutritional Therapist.

So please! give the recipes I share a try and let me know your favorites! Try some of the things I share with you about gardening and a holistic lifestyle. Feel free to comment on anything you see or read. I also brag and boast about my family so followers beware! You just may see me post about my grandsons and daughter of whom I couldn’t be more proud.