Easy Toastada’s

Easy Tostada

These are super easy but, really delicious. You can use a variety of toppings, make them vegetarian, vegan or use leftover beef, chicken or pork.

You will need:

Corn tortillas – fry each tortilla in a hot skillet with a little avocado oil. Use tongs to flip the tortilla fry on both sides until bubbles puff up and it becomes crispy. Set these aside on paper towels to drain, cover to keep warm.

Cooked Toppings: For 4 servings (2 each) I used:

  • 1 medium – large onion sliced into half moons.
  • 2 medium yellow squash diced
  • Or 2 cups left over beef, chicken or pork sliced into thin bite size pieces.
  • 4 cups mixed cooking greens and fresh chopped cilantro lightly chopped..
  • Salt, pepper and a fajita seasoning to taste Saute all of this together in a hot skillet.
  • Saute all of these ingredients together in a hot skillet until the onions and squash are tender

Cold Toppings: Fresh Picco De Gallo, Cojito cheese

This is what I did to make the Pico De Gallo.

Mix together diced avocado, roasted corn (Frozen, thawed from Trader Joe’s), chopped cilantro, and some of your favorite fresh pico De Gallo salsa. Drizzle this with fresh lime juice and a touch of salt and stir it all up.

  • To make each tostada:
  • I sprinkle the cheese on the tortilla first so that it will melt as I add the hot topping
  • Then I top it with the pico de gallo. You can also do the pico de gallo first and then the cheese. It’s up to you.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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