Quick and Easy Green Enchiladas

This was originally posted in August but I thought you might like to see it again. It’s perfectly suited for cold winter days. I updated the instructions so it is easier to understand but still super easy.

These are so easy you don’t even need measurements. It should take about 15 minutes to assemble enough for 4 people about 8 enchiladas. They take 30-45 minutes to bake. They are also extremely versatile. I’m going to tell you how to make this dish and I really would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you made them your own and how you changed them up to still be simple and delicious but different.

I make these up ahead and put them in individual baking/serving dishes to take camping. I heat them in the oven or microwave in our camper. Or Out them in the freezer for easy dinners on busy days.

I like to buy the pulled chicken from the cold cooler at my grocery store. You can also cook a breast  to use in this dish what ever is easiest for you.  I usually bake a chicken on the weekend or at the beginning of the week and use in a variety of different dishes. And of course I boil the carcass with vegetables for broth.

You will need:

Shredded cooked chicken (no canned chicken that will ruin them)

Sweet onion diced or thinly sliced jalapeno peppers seeded and minced

Cheese, shredded, it can be sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, pepper jack what ever you like

Tortillas I prefer white not corn and I found these great low carb ones by LaTortilla Factory (they are non GMO and contain no hydrogenated oils)

Seasonings – cummin, garlic, salt, chipotle, red pepper flakes (optional). You should make a blend with all of these using equal parts cumin & garlic then 1/4 as much chipotle and salt and a little bit of chili flakes. Keep it on hand for future use. Also you will need lime juice or lemon works too either fresh or bottled. Be sure it’s fresh squeezed not from concentrate if bottled.

Salsa Verde or green enchilada sauce my favorite is Frontera brand and a diced jalapeno (optional). You will need 1 16 oz jar for 4 servings.

Once you have gathered all of your ingrediants here’s how you do it.

First put the chicken in a bowl with a little bit of salsa/sauce just enough to moisten it. (Save the rest of the sauce for topping). Season it with the blend you made and just a little bit of lime juice. Taste it to make sure it’s good and adjust if needed. Now set all of you fillings up so they are easy to reach and begin making the enchiladas.

Take a tortilla and to one side in a line place some chicken, onion, cheese, and jalepeno if using. Start folding it over making sure to fold the ends in and continue until it’s folded shut. Repeat with the remaining tortillas until you run out. Place these in a baking pan. Pour the reserved sauce over the top of the finished enchiladas and cover with more cheese. Bake these in a 375′ oven for 30 minutes. Depending on your oven it may take 45 minutes, they should be bubbly around the edges and hot all the way through. Serve with sour cream and guacamole.

And of course Enjoy!

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