Winter Green House Cont.

Meyer Lemon

If you read my first post about our greenhouse you know it is our first winter trying to grow year round.

We’ve had our issues; aphids which I was able to get rid of, powdery mildew which I am still battling. I think I’m actually going to have to cut my tomatoes way back because they are most affected by this. However, other plants are thriving. One being our Meyer lemon, I just picked my first lemon and there are 2 more growing. It is also blooming again needless to say I’m very excited to try my lemon. I also have greens to harvest, mustard, baby chard, and pea sprouts.

I picked the last of my tomatoes and don’t believe I will be picking any more this winter. Next year we will add a dehumidifier which should eliminate the mildew.

I will begin starts of tomatoes, peas and beans next month. I may try cucumbers towards the end of February and for sure peppers. I have two sets of lights now for this and will see which works better.

Enjoy the rest of your winter. I will update you on how things go in February later in the spring.

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