They’re not just for pickling, they are for shredding into salads, juicing, steaming, slicing, soup and more. When I was little I loved my grandmothers pickled beets, I never imagined eating them any other way. But now that I am an adult I can’t imagine limiting myself to just pickling.

The greens when fresh can be cut off the root and washed very well then cut up and placed in a little bit of water and steamed with salt and pepper. Add enough water to cover them and you can boil them to create the base of a delicious soup.

Boiling the beets with skins on and tops cut off will make it easier to peel. Then once they are peeled you can slice them and mix with sliced sweet onions to make pickles or use them to make Borscht (there are great recipes for this soup on recipe sites).

One of my favorite juices is made with beets first, then cucumber once that is mixed pour in a juiced carrot and you’ll have a beautiful sunrise cocktail, don’t stir it and it will make a beautiful display in the glass.