Charcuterie plate for Dinner

My hubby and I love to do this sort of dinner when we have worked really hard in the garden and we just don’t feel like making a full meal. It is so satisfying though when you pair a glass of wine, some delicious sharp cheese, fruits, and vegetables with an olive bread. You can make your own with whatever types of fruits and vegetables that you want, some sort of delicious dip and meat or meat alternative.

Make sure you use fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. unless of course you want to use some roasted tomatoes which I prefer in the winter time over fresh tomatoes since they are pretty much tasteless in the winter also if you did want to try some dried fruit don’t do too much because it’s very high in sugar but one dried fruit would be okay.

I like to add slivered sweet onion and capers if I have them. This plate has thinly sliced smoked salmon and thin slices or pieces of roasted chicken breast. And of course you need a good olive oil to dip your bread in or drizzle over your concoction.

What ever you use I’m sure it will be delicious.

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