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Did you know that eating just 8-10 cherries a day can help reduce inflammation? This is the first in a series of recipes that I will be posting to help you improve your overall health. I truly believe that food can be your medicine if carefully chosen and prepared correctly herbs and vegetables have the nutrients to heal your body. 

I will be tackling many of the issues that plague people today the first being Inflammation.

Recipe for Cherry Soup

2 cups plain Kiefer (dairy, goat or non-dairy) It is important that it is plain in order to get the full benefits of the probiotics. Also, sugar increases inflammation so you should avoid it where possible.

1 cup sweet cherries (pitted)

1 TB sugar alternative (erythritol, agave, monk fruit or use a few drops of stevia liquid)

Put all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth, chill and serve. This makes a great dessert on a hot summer day, but it also makes a great breakfast smoothie or lite lunch.