Hello Everyone,

I am venturing into a new business where I help small businesses with all of that tedious stuff that they either do not know how to do or don’t want to do. Many times it’s a matter of not yet having the funds to hire a part-time assistant. That is where I can help, if you find yourself in this position or know someone that is…… let me help you/them.

Need administrative work done? I can do it. Want a new business flyer or card designed? I can do it. Demo table decor? I can do it! Blog postings, social media postings? I can do it! Website content updated? I can do it! 

Financial spread sheets, customer emails, promotional emails, file organization, even Demos and covering your office phone for a day or two. You need it I can cover it!


With over 20 years of experience in running small businesses, I’m looking to translate those skills into helping others who are where I have been, overworked and stressed out, not having the knowledge or finances to get the business part of the business done. It’s that way for most businesses just starting out. I have spent the last year at Lane Community College updating my skills and adding new ones. Now I am ready to help You be able to take care of the creative part and let me help you with the rest!

If you find yourself needing my services give me a shout:

venettec@yahoo.com ~ http://www.linkedin.com/in/charlene-venette-93637427/ ~ 585-202-8946