Preserving Summer’s Garden Bounty

If you are like me you’ve been very busy lately putting up vegetables from the garden. I like to freeze green beans when they are just ready, immediately after picking for best freshness and taste. I blanch them for just 2-3 minutes them put them in cold water drain and bag them.

When you can get sweet corn in the summer a good way to preserve it for winter use is to cut the cobs in half and freeze them in freezer bags. My favorite way, is how my aunt Cara from Alabama used to do it. First you cut all of the corn kernels off of the cob with a sharp knife and then in a big bowl scrape the cob to remove all of the sweet starch, add a couple pats of Earth Balance or butter and a small amount of soy milk or  half n half, mix it all up and place in freezer bags. It will be ready to just pour into a pot and cook with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Best creamed corn in the world.

The mother of one of my daughters friends, #Lynette Kennerson, recently posted on Facebook that she likes to freeze pre-prepped meals to take out when she doesn’t feel like cooking, I think that is such a good idea. Using the vegetables from her garden, she chops, slices, and dices them and mixes them with seasonings then freezes them in freezer bags. Go Lynette! another time saving trick for us domestic goddesses.

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