What do you do with mushy Quinoa?

Usually when you cook quinoa right it comes out nice and fluffy and thats a beautiful thing. But on occasion you may, like me, over cook your quinoa and end up with wet or mushy quinoa. In this case it wasn’t wet but it was overcooked and mushy. “What to do?”

Well, I made quinoa fritters or quinoa patties whichever you like. I had about 4 cups of cooked quinoa, I started with two cups of dry quinoa, once it was cooked it was about 4 cups so this is what I added:

About a cup and a half to two cups grated parmesan cheese the kind that comes in a canister is perfectly fine. I seasoned with some black pepper, garlic granules and a little bit of salt but not very much because the cheese was salty on its own. I mixed this all up with one egg and at that point the mixture was very thick and sticky. I pressed the mixture into patties using my hands or you could also use a serving spoon as a mold. 

Place them into a hot skillet with about a quarter inch of good, high heat tolerant, cooking oil like grape seed or avocado oil and fry them nicely on each side until golden brown. I wanted to cook these quickly because I did not want them to continue to overcook the quinoa and become mushier so I had them on medium to medium-high heat. Watch them very carefully, they firmed up really nicely and I served them with stuffed collard rolls and a wonderful red pepper and tomato sauce. The meal turned out delicious and the patties were a big hit.

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