Snack Night

Sometimes you just don’t feel like making dinner and you want something tasty but quick. Those are the nights that my husband and I call snack night instead of making dinner like we normally do, I throw together some tidbits that we have in the pantry and refrigerator. Or if I’m going to the store I’ll pick up extra little things that are specialty items that I might not always keep in my pantry or refrigerator. The most recent example of this was just last Friday night, I had had a really tough week in school studying all week long and I did not feel like making dinner, my husband has been in a lot of pain lately so he didn’t feel like making dinner either. So I went to the store on my way home from school and grabbed a couple of extra special snacky things gourmet items if you will, came home and with what I already had in the pantry put together these delicious plates of little tidbits that really satisfy on a night like this.
As you can see from the plate it’s really going to be delicious. What I did:  I bought a loaf of olive bread, sliced that up and I bought some delicious double cream brie and a true sheep’s milk feta, fresh mozzarella and some of these awesome little peppers that I love that I’ve told you about before they’re called Pepe due there from Africa and some roasted tomatoes in olive oil and herbs. If you’ve never tied these tomatoes they are fantastic usually you can find them in the deli section or in the olive bar section which is where I found them in our store they go with everything. And in the winter time especially, they satisfy your craving for tomatoes without having to use those nasty tasteless pale tomatoes that we have available in the winter time. I also found these delicious olives they are unique they’re really bright green and they have this delicious buttery flavor vs the really strong green olive flavor that although my husband likes that flavor I do not. I paired all of this with some fresh sliced pairs some Italian prosciutto directly from Italy with no preservatives or nitrates and from humanly raised pork and some awesome seedless black grapes that are not usually available this time of year but for some reason they were and they are awesome. 

So the next time the next time you’re in the mood for something deliciously special and a little bit snacky don’t hesitate to create your own version of this plate 

Bone Appetit


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