Did Your Senator Vote to Hide Your Right to Know!

GMO’s   They’re not going away!
Recently there was a bill voted on by the Senators of this country to take away our right to know when there are GMO’s present in our food. It passed and is now on its way to the house and if it passes there it will end up on the President’s desk.

 In case you are not familiar with GMO’s or really don’t understand how important an issue this is I would love to be the one that clues you in on this highly volatile subject.

The term GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. I could use this space to fill your head with all kinds of information about how they effect the food that is grown on this planet and the problems associated with them. But instead I am going to direct you to a pinterest board that really pulls it all together in one place. You can take your own sweet time and look at all of the pins that you would like to.

This board is full of great information please take the time to review it. Your health and your childrens/grandchildrens health depends on it. So does the health of our planet.

Here is the link to the pinterest board:

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