Saying good bye to my raspberries but Hello to the Leaves!

I was lamenting over the fact that my raspberries are winding down and that my morning berry bowl that I had been enjoying was going to be put off for yet another year when I was reminded about how full of minerals those raspberry leaves are.

We all need minerals for good health but as we age we need even more.  Minerals are critical building blocks needed for optimum functioning of the nervous system, the immune system, and all muscles including the heart. The production of hormones also requires large amounts of minerals. During menopause 30 to 60 times more hormones are produced than at any other time of a woman’s life. If the diet is not mineral-rich the deficit is drawn out of women’s bones. This also effects men however it is less talked about. Getting the needed amount however can be challenging. Adding yet another bottle of tincture or pills to your morning regimen can be quite daunting. And these methods are not optimal ways of getting the amount of minerals we really need.

However if we add a glass of tea to our daily routine that’s way more manageable and actually quite delicious. Raspberry leaf, stinging nettle, comfrey, red clover blossoms, and oatstraw are all high mineral herbs and are very good for menopausal women. Other ways to get your needed minerals:  Drink 1-2 cups nourishing herbal infusion each day like tea. Eat wild plants in salads, many can be taken from your garden or yard.  Dress your salads with olive oil, tamari, and 1-2 tablespoons of an herbal vinegar. These are easy to make at home; just add herbs to your favorite vinegar bottle and let sit for a week or two and you have herbal infused vinegar. Getting our mineral intake from natural sources like herbs is completely safe and we do not need to be overly concerned about getting too much. Our bodies utilize them much more effectively. 

Minerals are plentiful in well-balanced diets composed of organic whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, dairy products (especially yogurt), seafoods (especially seaweeds), and small amounts of meat. But if your diet is only partially organic, or if you limit it (by choice or necessity), or if you are menopausal, you need extra minerals.

So make your next glass of tea from one or more of the herbs I have mentioned and know that you are helping your body stay strong and healthy into your later years. You will need to place your herb/herbs into a heat proof container and pour warm to hot water over them. Let them steep for at least 8 hours this allows all of the minerals to be released along with any other nutrients the plant might contain. I like to steep mine overnight then add cold water to it and take to work with me to sip on throughout the day. It’s ok to add lemon and sweetener to your tea they will not affect the nutrient content. See my post on Sugar and Sugar Substitutes to get a full understanding of the best sweeteners to use. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    You are so AWESOME!!! Thank you Cherry Pie Lady!! You illustrate how good vegan can be — the BEST! xoxo


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